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My predilection for the Arabic language and the similarities between the Middle eastern and Western society are my main motives to express. During my holiday in Morocco I recognized the Aicha tomato tin cans which reminded me of the Campbell soup can of Andy Warhol and the Dutch Unox brand. It appeared they all had their biggest revival at the end of the sixties / beginning of the seventies and were almost identical in design and use of colours. That I just moved into an office space in the old Unilver building might not be a coincidence. Morocco and the Netherlands have a very long history together and although the polarisation is increasing I rather put the emphasis on the similarities. 

During the Mesh Print Club exhibition On Repetition, I'll be having an expo under the name 'Monsieur Salim' (سيد سالم) with the theme ‘Verbondenheid - Connectedness - ​​الترابط. The (free) exhibition On Repetition is on show at Garage Rotterdam every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 12.30 - 17.30 until the 13th of August
The opening will take place on July the 28th as from 1.00 hours.
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