Who am I

As Monsieur Salim is my pseudonym, I’ve been attracted to the Middle Eastern culture as from a young age. From thesis to calligraphy and from the Turkish language (never finished that one) to the Arabic language (still busy with this one). Travelled a lot of times to Turkey, of which my travel to Mardin-Diyarbakir and the Syrian border was the most impressive, though during the Syrian civil war against the Assad-regime it still stays with me. Been to Morocco from the Moroccan/Algerian desert driving all the way up to Tanger, staying in every city you should have been at least once in your life.
Although i really would like to visit Syria with its rich history or Libanon or Palestina, it will probably first be Tunesia or Egypt. 

As i am still busy with the Arabic language (hard to learn) because i so much love the writing style, I’ll probably wont give up till i cracked this one 😄

Having interest in the Middle East, learning the language, experience events during stays you see more and more themes and things are happening whigh you can relate to the developments and interests in Western Europe. And although the polarisation in Europe hasn’t reach the top yet, i see more similarities between the cultures than differences.

I’ll be trying to make the similarities, as i see them, more visible while making use of silkscreen as a base and analog and digital imagery techniques.

Enjoy life!